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BankTools™ is a software product designed to automate the production of Official Documents (Teller's checks, money orders, starter check and coupon books) at retail and commercial bank branches. BankTools™ allows tellers to create these official documents starting with blank forms thereby eliminating many security problems. Checks no longer have to be guarded under tight security because the forms are totally blank before the document is printed - making them worthless to any 'unauthorized' personnel. Check tracking is handled by the program providing reports listing all checks issued by each teller including totals and fee tracking.

Checks can be customized by laser printing bank names and bank logos as well as authorized signatures. In addition, Academy can arrange for the blank forms to be pre-printed with custom background artwork or logos.

BankTools™ will make your bank staff more efficient by cutting down the time it takes to issue a check or money order. It also reduces the chance of errors by simplifying the entire process. BankTools™ has intuitive drop-down menus with related functions conveniently grouped together. On-line help is available throughout the program with a single keystroke.

To insure acceptance of laser printed official documents by the banking system, BankTools™ makes use of a special MICR (Magnetic Ink) toner cartridge available from Academy for most popular laser printers. These toner cartridges are comparable in cost and print quality to regular toner cartridges. All special fonts needed to print checks are included with the program.

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BankTools™ features:

Issues Teller's checks and money orders

Prints starter check books for new accounts

Prints deposit tickets

Prints coupon books for loan and other payments

Tracks check and money order fees

 Provides 3 levels of password security

Optional mag card reader available to provide additional security

Provides reports of all official documents issued sorted by teller, check number and/or date

Lists new accounts started

Can create output files which can be uploaded to other systems

Can be customized with Bank's logo, digitized signatures and other information

Forms can be pre-printed with custom background and design

Handles multiple check issuing accounts without changing forms

Available in stand alone and LAN versions

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