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DraftMaker™ is a software package designed to print your entire draft - including the bank codes (MICR) on bottom of your check. No more pre-printed checks! Eliminate the need to use and stock different check forms for each account. DraftMaker™ produces beautiful checks on your HP compatible laser printer.

You can produce drafts automatically on a recurring basis. You can issue drafts from information you enter on the screen and to print blank checks. It will create drafts from information imported from text, spreadsheets or database files.

To insure acceptance of your laser printed checks by the banking system, DraftMaker™ makes use of a special MICR (Magnetic Ink) toner cartridge available from Academy Systems for most popular laser printers. These toner cartridges are comparable in print quality to standard toner cartridges but the toner is magnetizable to conform to ABA banking standards. Supports the latest versions of Quicken, Quickbooks and Peachtree.

DraftMaker™ Price: $299 USD

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DraftMaker™ features:

Eliminates the need for pre-printed checks

Prints drafts on a recurring periodic basis

Prints drafts from any account without changing forms

Prints drafts from data in ASCII files, spreadsheets or xBase tables

Issues single drafts, quickly and easily

Prints blank checks

Supports the following formats:
   1 check per page - 2 stubs
   2 checks per page - 1 stub
   3 checks per page
   4 checks per page (personal size)

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